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Trust Services

Trusts offer planning options and flexibility and can be implemented at any time during your lifetime or set up to occur upon your incapacity or death. As your Trustee, AndroscogginTrust handles the responsibility of managing your assets and carrying out your customized plan.

Establishing a trust can help you, and your family, achieve important financial goals:

  • Provide financial protection of a spouse and/or other loved ones
  • Establish inheritance management for children or disabled family members
  • Manage your investments to achieve growth and income goals
  • Reduce or eliminate Federal and State estate taxes
  • Protect assets from creditors (in certain cases)
  • Provide financial privacy and confidentiality
  • Protect an estate plan from disgruntled heirs
  • Provide financial management in the event of incapacity

Regardless of your situation in life, it's probably time to start planning your retirement and considering your estate planning and wealth succession objectives.. The AndroscogginTrust team will help you every step of the way!